St. Patty’s Parade Information

St. Patty's Parade Details

(Saturday March 16th)

Call Time is 12:30PM. Students cannot be late.  Traffic will be extremely busy.  Students should be in the downtown area at least 30 minutes early to make the 12:30PM call time.  Students parking at the end of the parade and walking to the meeting location will need a lot more time!

BRING 2 BOTTLES OF WATER - Most students will be thirsty at some point. Dehydration is NO joke.  Students need to drink plenty of water before the parade begins!

Leave your instrument case in the car. Only bring your instrument & items you can hide on your person and are willing to carry for the entire parade route!

Music MUST be memorized. You can bring a copy to review with in warm-up, but no music or flip folders are allowed for the performance.

Map link to the drop-off location.  Drop off at the A1A and Atlantic Avenue intersection.  We are division A, location 14.  From the drop off location, students walk west on Atlantic Avenue and look for A-14 (or other band members).  This will be about a block west of the Gleason St. & Atlantic Ave. intersection.

Remember, Atlantic Ave will be closed! - Road blocks can be as far as 5 blocks away from Atlantic Avenue!  Please plan ahead by taking alternate routes to drop-off and pick-up locations. Use the map below!

  • if you're coming from the North, use either Woolbright or George Bush Bridge, to get to A1A, and then head South to Atlantic.
  • If you're coming from the South, use Linton Blvd. Bridge to get to A1A, head North to Atlantic Ave, and enter there.

Map link to the pick-up location.  Pick-up is at the NW 5th Avenue and NW 2nd Street intersection.  The parade starts at 2:00pm, and parents should plan for pickup around 2:45pm.  As demonstrated on the maps below, the parade will end on the north of Atlantic Ave. near NW 5th Ave.  The band will pick a spot to stop and students can call parents for pickup.  We will also send out a Remind SMS text.

If you are parking, it is recommended you park near the end of the parade at NW 5th Avenue and walk East to our starting location.  Beware!  If you are parking you will need about 30 min. between parking and walking to make it to our rendezvous on time!

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! -Parents, if you are able please sign up to help walk with the band in the parade. We need you!

Parents PLEASE make sure you are signed up for Remind!

  • We will be sending out a Remind SMS text Saturday once we have our exact line-up location.  Our default meeting point is at the Gleason St intersection described below.  The band will be lining up near that intersection.
  • We will also send an SMS text at the end of the parade to announce any possible changes to our pick-up point.
  • Sign up for our Remindtexting system by texting @achsmu to the number 81010.

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