Graduation Directions & Info

Graduation Details for Saturday, 5/17/19

  • Call time is 7:15am at the South Florida Fairgrounds in Royal Palm Beach.
    • There is no bus this year! Students have been asked for weeks to make sure they have rides!
  • End time is estimated to be 11:00AM, but that is an estimate so please be flexible!  There are other events after ours, so we have to pack up and leave in a limited time!  Parents, please plan to pickup shortly after the event ends, we cannot be stuck loitering waiting for pick-ups!
  • Attire is the same as for concerts.  Concert dresses for girls.  Black pants, shirt, tie, etc. for boys.
  • Students, we are asked to make sure we are attentive to the ceremony.  Students should not be on cellphones, video games, or reading books during the ceremony.  Attention should be on the event and its honor to our graduates and their families.  The band's area is near the stage up front, and visible to any behavior that could be interpreted as disrespectful.  Also please be mindful we are on live broadcast!
  • Directions (On arrival you may be confused.  Please observe help from security and look for other band students arriving early to find the stage entrance)
    • From I-95 exit 68 (Southern Blvd), head west, past Florida's Turnpike.  Before SR-7 you will see the fairgrounds. Just past the fairgrounds turn right on Fairgrounds Rd.  You will see the conference center on your right.  For students parking, the lot is on your left once entering.  For drop off, go around the north side of the building and in the back is the stage entrance (south side).
  • Click here for a Google map of the area.  (A pin is where the stage entrance will be.)

Map of Graduation Expo Center